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Vincent's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Vincent Tran. I am a programmer analyst and currently working at University of California, Riverside.

I have been living in Southern California for number of years. First, I lived in Los Angeles, then I moved to Orange County, now I end up living in Riverside City.

I received my bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) at University of Southern California and master of science degree in Applied Computer Science (MSCS) at Azusa Pacific University. In addition, I have taken a numerous classes for certificates to stay up to date technologies as my career requires and demands.

I always value the hard work because it is one of my personalities. I commit myself in projects by working long hours.

I enjoy gardening, listening pop music, and watching good movies.

Finally, a note worth mentioning, when I was looking a few of tools and methods available for designing and developing my homepage, I was so impressed that WordPress would make very sophisticated and responsive webpages with all the latest features and trends. The possibilities are endless. That is the reason why I designed and developed my webpages using WordPress.